2019 NBA Draft Lottery Results:

The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery was a very anxious one for many NBA fans across the world. There were many ups and downs for teams all over. NBA fans and analysts believed that teams like the Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns, and the Cleveland Cavaliers would be amongst the top 4 picks in this year’s NBA Draft Lottery. Although those three teams were very close, neither of them actually made it into the top 4. With surprises and downers all over, we give you a run down on all fourteen picks that were chosen.

#1 New Orleans Pelicans

No. 1 Odds – 6.0%

Top-3 Odds – 19%


#2 Memphis Grizzlies

No. 1 Odds – 6.0%

Top-3 Odds – 19%


#3 New York Knicks

No. 1 Odds – 14.0%

Top-3 Odds – 40.2%


#4 Los Angeles lakers

No. 1 Odds – 2.0%

Top-3 Odds – 6.7%

#5 Cleveland Cavaliers

No.1 Odds – 14%

Top-3 Odds – 40.2%


#6 Phoenix Suns

No. 1 Odds – 14.0%

Top-3 Odds – 40.2%

#7 Chicago Bulls

No. 1 Odds – 12.5%

Top-3 Odds – 36.6%


#8 Atlanta Hawks

No. 1 Odds – 10.5%

Top-3 Odds – 31.6%


#9 Washington Wizards

No. 1 Odds – 9.0%

Top-3 Odds – 27.6%


#10 Atlanta Hawks (Via Dallas Mavericks)

Seen above


#11 Minnesota Timberwolves

No. 1 Odds – 3.0%

Top-3 Odds – 9.9%


#12 Charlotte Hornets

No. 1 Odds – 1.0%

Top-3 Odds – 3.4%

#13 Miami Heat

No. 1 Odds – 1.0%

Top-3 Odds – 3.4%

#14 Boston Celtics (Via Sacramento Kings)



Are The Celtics Peaking At The Right Time

The Boston Celtics just swept the Indiana Pacers handily in a series the Pacers were overmatched in from the start. Indiana was missing star guard Victor Oladipo throughout the series as he’s battling back from a ruptured tendon which he suffered in January. The loss loomed large as the Pacers were forced to turn to Bojan Bogdanovic to provide a spark on offense throughout the series.

The Celtics pushed any chatter of an early playoff exit out of the door as their core of Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum and Al Horford along with their deep bench are all peaking at the right time. It’s been a long road for this Boston team that entered the season with expectations higher than almost any team in the NBA. Remember now, this is the same Celtics team that was a Game 7 victory away from knocking off LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals a year ago.. without Irving or Gordon Hayward. Now LeBron’s in the Western conference