MLB Power Rankings: July 2019

The baseball season is half-way through and the Yankees, Dodgers, and last year’s champions, Houston Astros are all off to a fast start. The Braves are also going strong but we all know how that’ll end up. The NL is looking strong as a whole with only six of 15 teams under .500 currently, while the NL Central and West have no teams with under 40 wins.

It’ll certainly be a battle for playoff position as the season is set to wind down over the next few months. Nonetheless, let’s check out our rankings for the MLB teams through July.


1. New York Yankees (57-31)

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (60-32)

3. Houston Astros (57-33)

4. Minnesota Twins (56-33)

5. Atlanta Braves (54-37)

6. Tampa Bay Rays (52-39)

7. Cleveland Indians (50-38)

8. Texas Rangers (48-42)

9. Boston Red Sox (49-41)

10. Oakland Athletics (50-41)

11. Philadelphia Phillies (47-43)

12. Washington Nationals (47-42)

13. Milwaukee Brewers (47-44)

14. Arizona Diamondbacks (46-45)

15. Chicago Cubs (47-43)

16. Pittsburgh Pirates (44-45)

17. San Diego Padres (45-45)

18. Chicago White Sox (42-44)

19. Los Angeles Angels (45-46)

20. St. Louis Cardinals (44-44)

21. Cincinnati Reds (41-46)

22. Colorado Rockies (44-45)

23. New York Mets (40-50)

24. San Francisco Giants (41-48)

25. Toronto Blue Jays (34-57)

26. Seattle Mariners (39-55)

27. Miami Marlins (33-55)

28. Kansas City Royals (30-61)

29. Detroit Tigers (28-57)

30. Baltimore Orioles (27-62)

The Atlanta Braves Win Big In Home Opener

The Atlanta Braves opened up their first home game and win of the season versus the Chicago Cubs. The Braves came into tonights game with 3 losses, all coming from their NL East foe, the Philadelphia Phillies. Tonight’s game gave Brave fan’s a breathe of fresh air, as the Atlanta Braves dominated their home opener 8-0.

The Braves began tonights game with a homer by Ender Inciarte in the bottom of the 1st inning. Followed by 3 more runs by the likes of Donaldson, Markakis, and Albies. In the Bottom 3rd, Braves outfielder Acuna Jr. homered to left, pushing the game to 5-0 before the 4th inning. The Atlanta Braves finished the game 8-0, shutting out the Chicago Cubs offense from scoring nay runs. The Atlanta Braves improve to 1-3 on the season, and will play at home Wednesday versus the Chicago Cubs.



Mike Trout To Sign Record-Breaking Contract Worth $430 Million Over 12 Years

Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout has finalized a contract extension with the franchise that will pay him $430 million over 12 seasons.

Trout has spent his entire eight year career with the Angels dating back to when the club played their home games in Anaheim, CA. Trout is a seven time all-star, six time Silver Slugger Award winner and he also was awarded as the American League (AL) MVP in 2014 and 2016. He undoubtedly has been one of the best players in all of baseball since he came into the league however one of the huge knocks to his game has been his inability to carry the Angels into the postseason as he’s only been once (2014).

Nonetheless, Trout is now the owner of the richest contract is all of sports history and it was certainly well-deserved.

Black History Athlete Of The Day: Hank Aaron

Baseball outfielder Hank Aaron was a transcendent athlete who endured the challenge of playing baseball in both the nationally known MLB and the lesser-known Negro League. After competing the Negro League for a few years, Aaron tried his hand at the MLB and signed with the Milwaukee Braves (Now Atlanta Braves) whom he played with for 21 seasons. Hank Aaron grew up in Mobile, Alabama with his siblings (One of whom, Tommie, also played in the MLB and shares a record with Hank for most homers by siblings) idolizing Jackie Robinson who had been a baseball star years prior to Hank.

While on the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves squad from the mid 50’s to mid 70’s, Hank Aaron was an all-star for all but one seasons including his 1957 season in which he received National League (NL) MVP honors while leading the Braves to their second ever World Series title. “Hammerin’ Hank” as many called him went on to win three Gold Glove awards in a row from 1958 to 1960

Manny Machado Signs $300 Million Mega-Deal With The San Diego Padres

Shortstop Manny Machado has been one of baseball’s best players since his debut in 2012 with the Baltimore Orioles. In only his sophomore season Machado won the Platinum and Gold Glove awards in regards to his stellar defense as well as being named to his first of four all-star games. Despite these accomplishments Machado only lasted a season with the Los Angeles Dodgers which happened to be last year when he teamed up with Clayton Kershaw and Yasiel Puig to lead the Dodgers to the World Series where they fell victim to the Boston Red Sox.

So why did he leave the Dodgers so soon for the San Diego Padres of all teams? Well first, money talks. Secondly, Machado may have wanted to be the lone superstar for a team that’s been lacking a strong presence on the diamond for quite some time. Machado’s coming off one of the best years of his young career and has the ability to completely change a franchise with his uncanniness on defense coupled with his ability to get on base at a high rate, so I guess the move to snag a player of his caliber wasn’t a bad one by the Padres. My concern is that it may not have been their best move since they don’t have much more surrounding talent to get Machado back to where he was last October: The World Series.