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Living L.A. (Part 2)

When I moved to L.A. I had this wild dream that I would be seeing celebrities left and right up and down. That proved to be extremely false. Even though USC is used as a set for shows like “How to Get Away with Murder” and American Ferrera and Reese Witherspoon were seen casually riding around in a golf cart. I am either too busy or too lazy to see the action take place. This time though, I was right on time 🙂

Last Tuesday I got a chance to attend a Q&A staring Issa Rae. Now if you don’t know who Issa Rae is, I suggest you get your life, because her show “Insecure” on HBO is one of the most popular shows in America. She is a comedian, actress, producer, and supporter of “everything black.” She is an icon in 21st century black television, and she is just getting started.

At the Q&A she answered questions like, “How does it feel to be black in Hollywood?”, “Did you feel discouraged when you started “Awkward Black Girl”?” (Her youtube series) “How do you feel about the success that insecure has gotten?”

Here is a clip of one of her answers.

Getting to hear her thoughts on the subjects and how her presence is just so unapologetically black is very inspiring and motivating to a young black girl like me. I am looking forward to meeting more celebrities like Issa Rae and more celebs in general! I mean this is Los Angeles after all!

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