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Living L.A. (Part 1)

Moving to California for college was the hardest and the best decision I’ve ever made. Before I chose to attend college here, I had never traveled to California before, I only saw pictures of the beautiful scenery and snippets of L.A. on shows like “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and “90210.” But L.A. is so much more than palm trees and sunshine, there are endless amounts of hidden gems that are right underneath your nose. My time in L.A. is limited, for now at least, and while I’m here I figured why not explore what Los Angeles has to offer.

My first destination is the Arts District. I honestly had no intentions of ever visting the Arts District because I heard it wasn’t in the best of neighborhoods, but my roommate, an art history major, wanted to take pictures of the mural and asked me to model for her. Which of course I couldn’t deny someone taking pictures of me for free so I threw on something nice and in the Lyft we went.

The Arts District of Los Angeles is located in downtown L.A. between Little Tokyo and the city’s suburbs. During the Lyft ride there, we honestly didn’t know where to go because there is no distinct Arts District destination. While looking at the different types of artwork on the buildings, we found one that caught our eye.

Unfortunately there are many murals and artworks that are hidden and blocked off behind barbed-wired fences….i don’t know how the artists got behind them….but i’m gonna mind my business. Nevertheless they are beautiful and nice to look at. The arts districts is about admiring and supporting the art not only about pictures…shade to myself.

Along with art, the Arts District also has shops, museums, and restaurants. There are so many different places to go, different artworks to see, and different food to eat. Plus it’s right next to Little Tokyo, so if you love ramen like me you will definitely be happy. Ramen from “Man Oh Ramen”

There were so many different pieces of art that I didn’t get to see, but I am glad nonetheless that I took the time to visit and see what the Arts District has to offer. If you live in L.A or planning to visit L.A, going to the Arts District is a MUST!

I’ll close this out with my favorite picture from that day. Until next week! Xoxo

All pictures were taken by Shaylee Navarro.

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