Living Your Best Life

What’s today? I’m not even sure, all I know is I am about a week late on setting those annoying little ‘New Years resolutions’ we all break after the first month or two anyway. I’m not even stressing it this year because I have a whole other life changing mindset that’s going to have a greater impact than any short lived resolution. I don’t know about you but for me this year is going to be all about staying present in my own life and being conscious of everything moving in my life.

“Yeah, that’s what I want to be doing. I want to live my BEST LIFE.”

In this last year I did a lot of sitting back and watching things happen. I started to  give up on the things I could change because the things I wanted to change weren’t budging. I took a backseat to my own life basically and gave up when the going got a little tough. I cant even lie to myself, I was a punk in 2017. I let circumstances rule me and dictate my every move. I am over it. It is definitely not the wave for this new year. Towards the end of the year when I was feeling super defeated by life in general, I kept coming across this whole “living my best life” stuff everyone has been talking about. I sat back and I was like “Yeah, that’s what I want to be doing. I want to live my best life”, but I didn’t even know what that meant. While watching Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs movie on Fox when it aired in December, Can’t Stop, Wont Stop, I fell in love with his journey and the way he motivates and inspires.

Shot By: @awlful

I love his mindset and if there was anybody’s state of mind we need to be in, it’s Diddy’s. One of his tweets he posted while everyone was live tweeting about the movie, read: “FIX YOUR ENERGY!!!!!”, and that struck a nerve with me. When I saw his tweet in that moment, I realized how I was my own biggest downfall of 2017. Yeah I talked a big game like, “these are my goals…” and “this is what I want for my future…” but WHERE was the energy?! In the dictionary, energy is defined as “an adequate or abundant  amount of such power”. To me that means that whether the energy is negative or positive, the amount of focus we give to it increases the power that energy has and how it moves within our lives. I was out here feeding myself nothing but junk food and negative energy all 2017 and look where that got me.

I set myself up for failure because I let my negativity thrive off of every bad thing that happened through the year. I haven’t completely hit rock bottom but I can see it in sights and I am turning the hell around, RIGHT NOW. 2018 is the start of all things new. All things positive. That being said, I am not about to walk around the city all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. That’s just not me. But I do plan on finding the good in even the worst situations. Every bad day is not the end of the world. And sometimes bad days are literally a whole 24 hours. Let your positive outlook on that bad situation be that even the worst days have to end sometime. The sun will rise again, a new day is coming. Time has not stopped for you or me and in all honesty it probably never will. I am taking this mindset with me past 2018, I am trying to live my best LIFE not just my best year.

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