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Interview: Carl White III, Atlanta’s Next Big Entrepreneur

Be on the lookout for Fly Familia Clothing. Fly Familia has been knocking on doors for the last three years (EST. 2014). For the last 3 seasons, entrepreneur Carl White III has been giving the streets some of the flyest and most unique gear. We caught up with Carl over the weekend in Downtown Atlanta, to get more of an idea on how he got to where he is now. 


Exxedera: Where are you from & Where is Fly Familia Clothing based at?

Carl White III: “I’m from Decatur, Georgia. Fly Familia’s roots started from the inner and outer counties of the Atlanta area.” 



Exxedera: Tell us about Fly Familia, what was it that motivated you to get this clothing line up and running? 

Carl White III: “Since I was young I always loved fashion. I would love listening to some of my favorite artists and seeing what brands they were wearing. I loved shopping & putting together ideas that I would feel confident wearing. Another reason is the love I’ve always had behind being an entrepreneur, being my own boss, and being in charge of how things are going. So in my 10th grade year of high school, I generated the idea to start Fly Familia. I already knew I had a good sense of style so I thought why not make my own company that I can see others wear?



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Exxedera: What was your motivation to come up with the name “Fly Familia”?

Carl White III: “Fly Familia stands for ‘Fly as in style, Familia as in connected’. Meaning the way you dress is nice & whoever wears the brand is connected to one another because they have a relatable fly sense of style.”



Exxedera: What were some barriers you had to face when the line first launched?

Carl White III: “There was a lot barriers actually. I had to find a way to get some to get it off the ground. I did some research to learn how the industry works so I could know how to make money and invest in myself. I never worried about designing something people would like. I would release designs that I like and see what the reactions were. I also had to learn to stop caring about others opinions and realize anything you do in life 100% of the audience will never completely like it.”

Exxedera: How has the line developed since it was first launched? 

Carl White III: “The line has developed well since its launch. I just now started focusing on it more recently. When I first started the business, it was hard to get sales. Nobody was really wearing or supporting the brand. As the brand progressed with new clothing releases and faces in it, it helped build a team of support behind my back. Some of them being artists and athletes who I have reached out to support my brand. When I go out in public, I’ll see somebody in a Fly Familia shirt or jacket & look back at how far I’ve came. There are times I even scroll through Snapchat or Instagram and see somebody wearing some of my gear. It makes me look back to when “Fly Familia” was just a simple idea.” 


Exxedera: Do you undertake all of the workload yourself? 

Carl White III: For the most part yes I do. I have a brother by the name of Desmond Rocker who has always helped even before the artists and athletes were reaching out. He’s at every photo shoot helping out & giving his insight on designs. He informs me about new ideas we should focus on throughout the seasons. Other than that though, yes! I make everything myself & every design that is released is made by me.


Exxedera: What designs from your clothing line do you feel was the most successful? Why so?

Carl White III: The most successful designs would be the “Rich Forever” & the “Fly Familia Atlanta” tee’s and that’s just sales wise. I guess that’s what the people  liked the most. I never anticipated them to be the best ones. The reactions to them were great, people just took it & ran with it.



Exxedera: How has education in school played a role in how you are working your brand today?

Carl White III: “Education in school hasn’t really played a big role. I did research on my own and taught myself certain things. No teacher has taught me how to better my business in the classroom, but actually going to school has been a big impact. Anybody who knows me knows I would have a book bag filled with Fly Familia gear just selling stuff everyday. In the hallways, classroom, anywhere. School was my gateway to getting the brand it’s first exposure before the, photo shoots, mixtape, etc…


Exxedera: What athletes or artists have you been able to get into your gear? How did you go about doing so? 

Carl White III: Joe Gifted, Silento, Drugrixh Hect, Guap Tarantino & TaQuon Marshall just to name a few. We have some more artist and celebrities who we’re in contact with but that’ll be a suprise. Contact wise either I already knew the person or they viewed the movement on social media and reached out to me or I saw them somewhere and introduced them to the brand. Everything else just went from there.




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Exxedera: How has social media placed an impact on the way you advertise and promote yourself today? How do you use the likes of all of our well known networking apps?

Carl White III: “Social media has been a huge aspect of advertising. Without social media platforms it would be much harder to get exposure to reach everybody. Its crazy how you can let everybody know something with the click of a button, and it saves a lot of time. Although even without social media, Atlanta is a big city, it’s the type of city that word travels around fast. Everybody know’s what everybody got going on. I’ve used social media for branding myself as well as Fly Familia. App wise I use Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter the most as of right now.

Exxedera: Do you have any big plans for the brand in the future? Any exclusive ideas you can share with us today?

 Carl White III: “Yeah very big plans. I can’t stop until Fly Familia is a brand worn on the daily, worldwide. A lot of people look to stay local but I want to make an impact on the world. Fashion is just like music. it travels fast and people can relate it to their personalities. Exclusive ideas? Uh be ready for the winter launch, new looks to the brand, and Fly Familia 2 the promo mixtape sometime in 2018.

Exxedera: Who are some of your greatest fashion influences and entrepreneur influences? 

Carl White III: “My greatest fashion influences come from artists actually. I’m definitely influenced by the Migos, A$AP Rocky, Young Thug, & Big Sean. I feel that they all are some of the top dressed in Hip Hop. I can relate to all of their different styles. I’m also influenced by other brands such as Pink, Dolphin, V-LONE, Billionaire Boys Club, Supreme, and BAPE. I think their designs are dope and we have some similarities but are still completely different from one another. My main entrepreneur influence is definitely P.Diddy. I love how he built his own empire from a very young age with a “You can’t stop me” mindset. Managing artist, starting a clothing line, and starting new businesses, while still learning the game is why I look up to him so much. I’m planning on working my way up to that level. I feel as if I will be the next big entrepreneur and mogul for my generation.



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Exxedera: How does it feel seeing younger people looking to follow in your footsteps in starting a clothing brand or business? 

Carl White III: “Actually there are a couple young entrepreneurs who I currently mentor and help with their businesses giving them insight and advice. It feels good seeing younger people following in my footsteps. I think its a good thing. I’m glad I could set an example and give others an idea and way to be productive.





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Exxedera: Where can everyone view your social media and Website? 

Carl White III:  You can follow us and myself on Instagram and Twitter. My website will be linked below as well”

Instagram: @FlyFamiliaClothing  & @Realcw3 

Twitter: @FlyFamilia  & @CarlWhiteIII

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  2. They love your shirt here in UK! Everywhere I go they want to know where I got my shirt from 🙂 I will be back in States in spring will be looking for more!

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