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The longstanding President of Zimbabwe resigns after 37 years.

Robert Mugabe has been the only president of Zimbabwe since the country got it’s independence back in 1980. And after 37 of forced rule, the Zimbabwean people had enough!

Reports state that the Zimbabwean army, citizens, and even members Mugabe’s political party all came together and forced the president and his family into house arrest. Lawmakers in the leading party began impeachment proceedings, and it was only then that the president resigned from office. His former vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa will be sworn in as the new president.

The people of Zimbabwe have been rejoicing and celebrating all day. This day with surely go down in history. Congratulations to the people of Zimbabwe! 🇿🇼

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  1. Tragic that people put in positions of power could take advantage of their role

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