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NBA Top 10 Power Rankings ?! 👀


1. Golden State Warriors: The season starts off tonight and Kevin Durant looks set to repeat. Last season, the champs scored more points per 100 possessions (113.2) than any team of the last 40 years. But they scored just 102.4, a rate which would have ranked 26th in the league, when Curry was off the floor. They’re probably going to win their third title in four years either way and may never budge from this No. 1 spot all season, but being a little less dependent on Curry on offense and less dependent on Draymond lock down Defense would be big factors of a successful

2. Cleveland Cavaliers: Dwyane Wade’s arrival pushed J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson to the bench and Richard Jefferson out the door (permanently Road Trippin’). How they function both offensively and defensively have become a little more interesting. With LeBron James not 100 percent, they have three back-to-backs in their first seven games, but the second games of those three are against the Orlando, Brooklyn and New York. In good news lebron finally gets the bench he been looking for. Still my favorites in the East.

3. Houston Rockets: The Rockets are going to shoot a lot of 3-pointers. After setting another record for 3-point attempts (527 more than any other team has ever taken) in 2016-17, Houston saw the league’s third biggest increase in the percentage of their shots that came from beyond the arc from last season (46 percent) to this preseason (61 percent!). Even Chris Paul got into the act, taking 20 threes and not a single shot from mid-range in his three preseason games

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